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​As a Keystone STARS facility,

Kinder Academy must:

  • provide a Department of Public Welfare Certificate of Compliance for Centers at each location

  • provide a comfortable place where your children can explore and learn

  • promote laughter, reading and talking to help your children build good language skills

  • hire teachers who continually learn new ways to help your children succeed

  • provide a safe, healthy and exciting program and facility

  • offer music, art, science and play activities that increase school readiness

  • provide an environment where your children will feel good about themselves

  • encourage family involvement

  • provide teachers who listen to children and you, their parents

  • offer children the opportunity to have fun together while being respectful of each other

“… of the [many] licensed child care facilities in the 19111 zip code, [very few] have a high quality STARS rating of STAR 3 or STAR 4 and thus the possibility to have a positive impact on child outcomes.”


- Natalie Renew, Project Director, Fund for Quality and Managing Director, Early Childhood Education at PHMC

Keystone STARS ratings vary by Kinder Academy location. Be sure to ask our site directors or review at

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