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Since 1994, Kinder Academy has believed that high quality early childhood education is an imperative to the children and families of Northeast Philadelphia. In that mission, we continue to operate with the following principles:

  • Kinder Academy shall operate at a higher standard than traditional "daycare" centers

    • we operate in a manner that meets or exceeds all Keystone Stars and Head Start standards

  • Kinder Academy will strive to maintain degreed, certified and credentialed teachers in EVERY classroom

  • Kinder Academy will actively promote ongoing professional staff development in partnership with many local agencies

  • Kinder Academy will always maintain health and safety standards far beyond the “minimums"

  • Kinder Academy will proactively interact with children, families, staff and the community at large

  • Kinder Academy will be a strong advocate for education, families and the communities we serve

  • Kinder Academy will invest in the community by supporting staff members wishing to achieve their post graduate education goals

  • Kinder Academy will provide competitive pay and benefits to all staff members

High Quality Early Childhood Education

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